dvsn Begin Rollout of ‘Amusing Her Feelings’ with Holiday Babymaker, ‘Blessings’

 Evan Dale // Dec 18, 2020 

Anytime dvsn is dropping, it’s worth a wait and a listen. And dvsn is dropping a lot of new heat – a lot of new Blessings – starting now. With the new single, a seeming follow-up project, Amusing Her Feelings, to acclaimed 2020 album, A Muse in Her Feelings, is beginning its rollout. And that’s good news for anyone with a lot of emotion and a lot of love for R&B. The masterful Toronto duo has been steadily redefining the scene since their debut project, SEPT 5TH, was released in 2016. And with each subsequent project, their evolution and subsequently the evolution of Rhythm & Blues at large is obvious and omnipotent.


For its part, Blessings is a classic, expected babymaker that brims equally of the unparalleled vocals we’ve come to expect in coalescence with the perfect bedrock that dvsn’s always fruitful underwater synths provides. Stay tuned for more.