THE 'FIT BIT : episode 3

Olive Drab

Green is incredibly versatile.


There aren’t many universal complimentary colors, but green is certainly something that I feel you can match with almost anything in your wardrobe. Barring orange, of course. Nobody wants to look like they’re headed to a Florida sporting event, a Florida hunting trip, or just Florida in general. It’s bad taste.


But, I digress.


It’s extremely easy to overdo it when you’ve got a wardrobe full of dark colors. If you’re always clad in black, you’re going to look like an architect, like a sociopath, or like you just stepped out of a Marilyn Manson music video. Everything in moderation.


Here’s the kick ass thing about a color like olive green. It achieves the dark silhouette of black, but it breaks up the monotony of an otherwise colorless ensemble without being overpowering.


And that’s truly the beauty of utilizing muted colors in your wardrobe. You don’t want to be a one trick pony and predictability is the sin in fashion that leads to that label. If Someone else can guess what you’re going to wear before you put it on, that’s an issue.

Foot Action

It’s unlikely that you’ll see a pair of the ACRONYM x Nike Lab Air Presto Mids strolling around. Released in 3 colorways in painfully limited quantities, these tech runners are a rarity and a pair of fuckin’ beauts.


I have a funny story behind this pair. Unable to secure them from any local shop, I was forced to explore alternate methods of acquisition. This led me to connect with a complete stranger on the opposite side of the country. Said stranger ensured that, were I to PayPal him for the sneakers, albeit with a considerable upcharge, he would pick them up from a store in NYC and have them shipped to me.


After some haggling to bring the price down and finesse free shipping, I was locked in. Delivery Man hooked it up with pics of him waiting in line, with the sneakers boxed and in hand, and then with them packed for shipping. What a boss.


The ACRONYM edition of the prestos boast an incredibly robust set of materials to counteract inclement weather. The designer – accurately described as streetwear meets tactical technology – is based out of Munich and has been making their own unique brand of futuristic smart-wear that resounds with a niche crowd of enthusiasts. C.E.O. Errolson Hugh has previously worked over the popular Air Force 1 in both low and high-topped iterations, ornamenting straps and zips galore.


The Prestos are bar-none my favorite of his collaborative work, and certainly garnered considerable hype from the sneaker community. Some sizes are worth well upwards of a $1000 today.


The tech taping, high topped collar, and side zippers featured on these Prestos makes these an incredibly versatile shoe. They’re eye candy on a nice day, but I have a real appreciation after owning mine for close to a year. They handle the sloppy snow and rain like it’s nothing, and aside from a minor amount of creasing on the soles they’re pretty much in the exact condition I got them.

"My lesson? Don’t be afraid to take a chance to order to snag a pair of highly coveted sneakers. Obviously, it goes without saying that there is always a measure of buyer beware. But do your research, be careful with your money, and you could end up with your favorite pair of kicks."


Camo is the name of the game this week. I have a special place in my heart for the military pattern, though I realize that it does get a bit of a bad rap for being tacky. But with some simple knowledge and an eye for the right piece, mistakes are easy to avoid.  


That said, camo always achieves a certain aesthetic. Paired with muted colors, it becomes a heroic statement piece.


A camo coaches jacket pairs poetically with a simple black hoodie entirely devoid of attention except for couple stripes on the cuffs and waist, but nothing loud that would interfere with cohesion. When utilizing a piece with a prominent pattern like camo, it’s easy to throw together the rest of the ‘fit and end up clashing or looking too busy.

But if you keep it simple, you get form and function. A longer fit and a waterproof layer over a hoody is aesthetic, toasty, and comfortable. On this day, it was a whopping 13 degrees outside. But I was dry, and I was warm.


Camo is relatively appropriate in all seasons, but I think during the colder months, it reaches its peak relevancy. As the days get colder, the snow starts falling, and the wardrobe gets darker and darker, camo is a great way to break the monochrome cycle.


Pair it all off with some nice black denim, and you’ve got simplicity as well as sophistication.

Too much color above the waist can detract from the desired impact of the footwear. I never want to cannibalize the attention achieved by the statement piece of my outfit. The camo is a nice touch, but the army green mid tops on my feet are the real kicker of this ensemble.


As such, I tried to stay super simple with my garments. Some days it could be the complete opposite, where I throw on a vibrant garment with some muted sneakers. But not this day.


Be deliberate with your pairings. If you haphazardly stack patterns with pops of color and lose cohesion, you’ll look like you’re either trying to do too much, or like you have no idea how to combine statement pieces at all.


Stay fresh my friends. Til next week.