Femdot’s Flow is Unfounded with New A-Side / B-Side Featuring Saba

 Evan Dale // Nov 15, 2020 

There’s a lot to say – more importantly a lot to listen to – when it comes to Chicago’s Femdot. Hip-hop’s most unique flow and one of its most experimental forces, he’s back in action a year removed from dynamic EP, 94 Camry Music, and doing so with an A-Side / B-Side that also features a joint with another of hip-hop’s most underrated lyricists, Saba. For their collective part, Lifetime is an expectedly hard-hitting and poetic bout that succeeds every bit as much in its position as a vibrantly ubiquitous exploration of hip-hop melody. That trait is nothing new to the artists that have respectively given us the bounce of Rap City and the seeming timelessness of Photosynthesis. But nonetheless, Lifetime is undoubtedly a further refinement of the unique, melody-laden signature that both artists shine with, and is quickly becoming an addicting addition to our collection of favorite tracks of the year, as it should with yours.


On its flip side, Buy One, Get One Free Vol. 1’s second inclusion is also a glimpse into one of the Chicago rapper’s most well-travelled lanes. As Femdot raps, his ‘flow is unfounded,’ and that couldn’t find a more effortless truth than with the unending bars and laid-back energy of Back Home. The track, reminiscent of 94 Camry Music’s titular anthem, is an unassuming stream of thought that at one end could soundtrack a head-clearing drive and at the other, could inspire a new generation of rappers to say more by remaining only honest and clear in their work.


Together, the two-track cut is a hopeful sign of more to come from a hip-hop figure emboldening the scene with unparalleled authenticity.