You gotta love it when an artist has a stockpiling of unreleased music. Maybe tracks that didn’t make the final cut for a project, maybe some that have been left unfinished or unmastered, or maybe the artist is simply waiting for the right time to drop it. Apparently, it was the right time for Joey Badass, who dug deep into his hard drive to bless us all with a track dating back to 2013. Releasing the song, titled Gazzliona alongside fellow Brooklyn rapper Kirk Knight, Badass also published an accompanying tweet explain his actions:


"Old to us but will be new to y’all. Expect more spontaneity in 2018."


Typical to Joey Badass, the jam goes incredibly hard displaying his lyrical lordship and unique flow. It’s a high-energy, head-bobbing jam that also showcases Kirk Knight’s prowess in the booth. The release and the tweet both have us excited for a 2018 filled with new (old) Joey Badass bangers and maybe even a full-length project. 

Listen to Gazzliona below, and be on the lookout for more from Joey Badass in 2018