Greentea Peng is Spellbinding with Atmospheric New Single

 Evan Dale // Dec 11, 2020 

The oft illusive and always spellbinding aesthetic of Greentea Peng is one of the most unique sounds in music today. With a voice unlike anyone else, and with an affinity for atmospheric, pseudo ambient soundscapes overtop which to craft her spells, her music is a necessary risk well-taken for the London centric Neo-Soul reprise. Naturally, her latest single is cut of the same silky cloth.


Spells comes at the tail end of a 2020 that has seen a barrage of introspective Greentea Prng singles breathing especially pure in air defined by a particularly introverted year. Her music boasts in immersive sort of identity that can’t really be replicated, and Spells is another exhibition of that mystère. A minimal keystroke beat brimming with explorative ambient chimes sets the stage for Peng to cut in and out of tonal hums and vibrant lyricism. The result is a dynamic, calming, and introspectively immersive anthem for anyone who needs it at the end of a tough year.