Chicago’s HXRY Returns with Emotionally Tormented Retro Anthem ‘Favorite Song’

 Evan Dale // June 14, 2021 

With Chicago’s HXRY comes a thesis-worthy deep-dive into the full spectrum of R&B music. Silky, sultry vocals, playful guitar riffs, steamy chord progressions, and penmanship that would best find itself tattooed on the emotional sleeves of a Pisces, his is the timeless kind of reinvention of the most Golden Era of Rhythm & Blues. And his newest single, though fervently heartbroken in nature, is still one of the most romantically inclined, emotionally in-touch anthems of the year.


Just in time for failed Summer romances, Favorite Song explores the simple notion of being played – like a favorite song – over, and over again. Alike everything he’s put out over the past couple of years, Favorite Song shines HXRY under a light of necessity for the state of R&B. But unlike much of his prior work which usually brims with electro-soul modernity and an air of positive vibes, Favorite Song rides its guitar riffs right into the retro sphere, and right into all of his listeners’ deepest feels.