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‘Identity is always important. I’m not saying that you have to look at my work and see me in it, but somehow a part of me belongs on it.'

Jerney Interview _ Banner-01.jpg


‘I really tried to come up with something different from most the music we hear today as well as staying true to who I am as an artist’

$avvy Interview Banner-01.jpg


 'I like to feel like style, music, and everything is all a part of who I am, and I guess in a sense that's where the aesthetic comes from...'

Dionne Bromfield Interview Banner-01.jpg

Dionne Bromfield

‘Until now this style of music has always slipped under the radar but the UK as a whole has so many incredible artists in that vein....’

Ron Obasi Interview _ Banner-01.jpg

Ron Obasi

'There's conviction and confidence in the "laid back" delivery ‘cause I believe the shit I say and it’s real experiences….'

Nappyhigh Interview Banner-01.jpg


'Even though you know I’m from the West Coast, I make a sound that screams diversity, but it’s not forced. It’s who I am'

Langston Bristol Interview | Banner-01.j

Langston Bristol

‘Whatever your genre is or whatever you niche is, you have to listen to stuff outside of it because that’s how you evolve the sound.’

The BlackSon | Interview - Banner-01.jpg

The BlackSon

'I’d like to think we’ve all been thinking of what we would say if people were listening... and they are now.'

J.I. Banner-01.jpg


'I can make the music that people can party to, but I can still stay true to my roots, and I can still talk my shit.'

K CAMP Interview Banner 2-01.jpg



'Errybody know a K CAMP song when you hear it.'

Brian Brown Interview Banner-01.jpg

Brian Brown

‘If you’ont mind putting yourself in my shoes for a lil over a half an hour, you’d be surprised how much you relate.’

Malik Elijah Interview | Banner-01.jpg

Malik Elijah


'What music offers me personally, is an outlet to express the way that I'm feeling, unjudged and uninterrupted.'

Seck Interview - Wide Angle-01.jpg



'Music videos themselves are an art form.'

Moise Interview | Banner-01.jpg



'Much of ‘Postcards I Forgot to Send’ are little messages from my perspective out to the world'

Marques Martin | Interview Banner-01.jpg

Marques Martin

'I can't tell you what to expect my next song to sound like, but you can always count on me getting better'

Flwr Chyld Interview | Banner-01.jpg

Flwr Chyld

‘It’s my job to create an experience, but it’s on the listener to make it unique and special to their existence.’

Jorday Interview | Banner-01.jpg



'I feel that my voice distinguishes me and makes me unique, I feel like it’s my own instrument.'

Judith Hill Interview | Banner-01.png

Judith Hill

'I consider myself a soul artist.  Everything I do comes from a place of raw emotion and visceral energy.'


L.A. VanGogh


‘I’m as open as I can be to what life has to offer. Everyone is “The Guru” if you’re listening.’

Esme Interview Banner-01.png


'I used to feel so insecure about not being specific and now I really embrace my genre-dodging sound'

Kaleem Taylor - Banner-01.png

Kaleem Taylor


'Seeing R&B & Soul being heard, felt, accepted and pushed is inspiring to me'

HXRY FRFR this time-2.jpg


'I just lived life, naturally created and at the end of it all I was able to see my own journey. I think that was dope as hell to see for myself.'

AdeJosh Interview Banner.jpg


'Africa as a whole is full of riches & it always has been. I mean it's more than just gold, diamonds & oil. Our culture, our tradition is rich.'

ATO Interview Banner-01.jpg


'I think rappers are increasingly capable of exposing more vulnerable sides of their character, free of stigma and social pressures.'

Reaux Marquez Banner-01.png

Reaux Marquez


'The South always gon' have something to say.'

Aaron Final - Banner.jpg

Aaron Taylor

'I would call my style “fluid soul” because the soundscape can take any form and still maintain its integrity.'

Bobby Earth Interview Banner-01.jpg

Bobby Earth

'I would call my style “fluid soul” because the soundscape can take any form and still maintain its integrity.'

Tessellated Interview Banner-01.jpg



'The artistry and musicality will be out in full force for the culture.'

Maxwell Young Interview.jpg

Maxwell Young


'I almost define myself by my work in progress.'

Naji Interview - Wide ANgle 2-01.png


I've always been comfortable with expressing myself vulnerably. I have more difficulty in restraining what I share.

Grain Wide Angle-01.png

Clairmont the 2nd

'In my opinion, every album I’ve made has been ahead of its time. I'm just not doing regular things & if I am, I'm still doing them differently.'


Alex Parvenu

That, I believe is the beauty of being a creative - pushing one's self to be the best possible version of one's self.

LHF Interview Wide Angle-01.png


We sit down with the Boulder, Colorado hip-hop trio to discuss influence, inspiration, and what's to come ahead of their new album, Way Up

Yatez Interview Wide Angle-01.png


'That definitely reflects in my music – the influences from a lot of different cultures – so that’s something great about Birmingham'

HUSH x Hudson Interview Wide


'That's the whole concept  of our new album. If there is one, it's that everything is up for interpretation'

Baby FuzZ Interview - Banner-01.png

Baby FuzZ

'I wanted to create a clean slate for my new music to allow for greater freedom of expression and to not have any pretense hanging over it'

Moise Interview Artwork - Banner-01.png


'Honestly, making music in my bedroom & waking up the next day to hear someone from Brazil has listened to it is more than fulfilling.'


Oliver Asadi

'I feel like words are dated. Beautiful imagery is universal while words only work in the languages you know'

D Stellar Interview Artwork - Bannerhead

D Stellar

'Every human believes in something, and art is storytelling and a gatekeeper of tradition and history.'

Gabe Gill Interview Banner-01.jpg

Gabe Gill

'I’m definitely into the feeling that a song is just the most distilled or specific crop of a much larger feeling, moment or emotion.'

Seck _ Folklore _ Banner-01.jpg

Derek Sumpmann

'Whether performing or organizing events, I will be a happy human as long as I am constantly inundated with Music.'

crossover wide angle-01.png


'I always want to have that freedom of creativity, and luckily, I have supporters who like my music for the risks I take.'

Phase Change Banner-01.jpg

Kid Fiction

'You don't play to rooms you play to people. I'd be happy in a shoe box as long as people were vibing.'

Souleil - banner - button-01.jpg

Aaron Taylor

'I think people will always be drawn to soul - it's never really died. There's something deeper about it. A bit like gospel.'

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