With ‘Love 2 U’ JMSN Explores the Rangy Intricacies of his Soulful Guitar

 Evan Dale // July 21, 2021 

Eternally a poet of the soul, JMSN is one of the most dynamic artists anywhere along the modern-day R&B / Neo-Soul spectrum. If you know his work, then you know that anytime any new music comes from the oft-illusive embodiment of auditory love and lust, it’s a must-listen. So, when JMSN decides to drop off an 8-minute composition of lusty immersion, immerse yourself thoroughly.


Love 2 U feels like being immersed in one of his live performances where steamy guitar solos tend to take center stage, sharing the limelight and the voice of JMSN’s expressly romance oriented scope. It’s the kind of lengthy tracks that can play over and over again without even noticing where it once ended and where it began again. And it’s yet another example of why not only R&B and Neo-Soul need JMSN, but ultimately why every corner of music can use his influence in the same way that every corner of his own musicality draws from such a wide range of stylistic breadth.