Jordan Xx & Brian Brown are Confectionary with ‘BEN AND JERRY’

 Evan Dale // Dec 3, 2020 

If two voices have emerged to define Nashville this year, JORDAN Xx and Brian Brown are likely candidates for the position. Their signatures draws, lyrical endowment, and utterly laid-back sonic demeanors define what it is to be part of the city’s illustrious emerging scene. With the BEN AND JERRY freestyle, their effortless knack for wielding tracks that are undeniably listenable is on full display.


A raw sample beat, a simply raw exchange of verses, and a whole lot of low-key energy tether the single in a bow just in time for the holidays. Like a J Dilla esque glimpse into the new school take on the timelessly Tennessee, BEN AND JERRY by way of Brian and Jordan, is confectionary.