The UK’s JVCK JAMES is Doing Nobody ‘Favours’ with Moody New Single

 Evan Dale // Dec 3, 2020 

As only his second single of 2020, Favours is welcomed melody from UK crowned prince of emotional wave and its intersection with the hype, JVCK JAMES. The young rapper and singer is nothing if not dynamic, and his newest is a fluid reaffirmation of just such a statement. On the heels of quarantine anthem, Overseas - a single that felt particularly at home not just to the moment, but to his existing canon at large - Favours is a more experimental display that maybe something went awry in JVCK’s long-distance relationship. 


Over a gloomy beat built on booming bass, JVCK JAMES delivers a flow of bars and humming melody that reenforces the sentiment that he’s doing no one any Favours anymore. Just in time for winter and the lack of light that comes with it, JVCK JAMES holds steadfast in his delivery of anthems to feel something to, albeit Favours is certainly taken in a new direction.