Kojey Radical is Ending 2020 on a ‘Good’ Note with Positivist Single

 Evan Dale // Dec 11, 2020 

As organic piano keystrokes give way to more modernly nuanced production; as emotion laden soul transcends into poetically founded rap, Kojey Radical thrives. A master of transcendence in music, in style, in creativity at large, the young UK artist who probably is best defined as purely that – purely artist – creates with a scope as wide-ranging as exists his true self. Good is simply the latest manifestation of that honesty in art.


The single, which comes at the tail end of a 2020 denoted by brash Kojey Radicalism through a barrage of  features, singles, freestyles, videos, and merch drops in the wake of his 2019 masterpiece, Cashmere Tears, is – to use a cliché in the kitsch and lazy way that Kojey never would – expectedly unexpected. But, such is the nature instilled in his releases – a raw and consistent evolution of his own workings, and subsequently, a fluid evolution of hip-hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, spoken word, and style lordism on a global scale. His is the ultimate taste, and that taste is more than Good.


Good is more than tasteful and stylish, but envelope pushing in its inadherence to preconceived – pre-Kojey – possibilities in music. A fluidly dynamic exhibition of so many of his creative offerings, the single, albeit wide-ranging in its gatherings from his sung, rapped, poetic roots, is remarkably listenable and undeniably anthemic – another theme consistent across his mosaic canon. Perhaps more than anything, its messages of self-love, undying confidence, and positive vibes, are exactly what his listeners need at the end of a year that just needs to end already.


Perhaps as 2020 comes to a close, Good is our glimpse and our prelude to great things to come from a new year, a new start, and hopefully a new Kojey Radical album in the works.