Kojey Radical’s Progression as a Lyricist Continues to Foment with New Freestyle & Video

 Evan Dale // Oct 22, 2020 

‘Back to the basics. Back to the rap’ bleeds an understatement on the rapper, himself and on the oft-confused state of hip-hop. Instead of all the white noise and murky waters mucking up the clarity of rap’s deeper foci these days, everyone should instead be tuning in to the man who uttered the words in his new freestyle: Kojey Radical. The UK rapper shines as one of the most lyrically pervasive artists alive, equally daunting with his skills as a vocalist, a choreographer, and a designer. But throw that out the window for now. The second installment of his PROGRESSION FREESTYLE goes back to the first line of this writeup – back to Kojey’s poetically founded roots – back to the simple truth that rapping as Kojey raps is not simple to any lyricist but himself.


And that seems to have been the aim of his (so far) PROGRESSION FREESTYLES 1 & 2 which have both emerged hand-in-hand with raw B&W visual cuts. There’s no glitz, no glamour, only raw art in one of its most sincerely thought-provoking forms. Through an uncharted freestyle and a subsequent video comprised of a paralleled sphere of imperfectly beautiful videography, Kojey does more than most in the modern rap scene can do with much more time, thought, and budget. For those that know of him, and those that will have no choice but to know his sound soon, none of it is surprising, all of it is welcome, and Kojey Radical continues with his progression, fervently.