Rhythm & Baritone Vocalist, Kwaku Asante Returns with Single ‘4 Free’

 Evan Dale // Dec 11, 2020 

A year removed from his extremely well-titled debut project, honeycomb, the sticky sweet soul of Kwaku Asante is still dynamically redressing the possibilities of and Neo-Soul in 2020. The bold rhythm & baritone vocalist effortlessly pieces together anthemic, transcendent jams for modern Giveon fans that also find themselves returning to the aesthetic of 90’s Seal. Somewhere in the middle lies Kwaku’s sweet spot. His era-defying sound is a bridge between the then and the now, without adhering to the specifics of any artist before him. And from the breadth of that description comes 4 Free.


His new single is an expectedly emotional, slow-burning light for the range of modern vocalism and romantics. An old-school love song for a new pop-adjacent Neo-Soul era, 4 Free is an easy-listening, romantically inclined ballad perfect for the colder months. And hopefully, it’s also a sign that Kwaku Asante is working towards a sophomore project sometime in the near future.