Langston Bristol Teams Up with Marlon Craft and redveil for Summertime Single, ‘Activate’

 Evan Dale // July 21, 2021 

A prolific tear of uniquely crafted singles, projects, and visuals has defined Langston Bristol’s year – and really the years since he first started releasing music years ago. The oft melodic, yet always lyrically inclined rapper is a figure of the transcendent space that hip-hop occupies in modern times. An instrumentalist, producer, rapper, and vocalist, his is a one-of-a-kind aesthetic of easy listening yet thought-provoking poeticism for the mellow and introspective.


Naturally, a rangy artist like Langston Bristol attracts other creatives towards his own creative spaces, and his latest single, Activate is a perfect example of his collaboration with others, and ultimately with the differing ends of his own artistic spectrum. Marlon Craft and redveil join the ranks with verses of their own on the warm weather anthem, where Bristol himself delivers and opening verse and a sing-songy hook perfectly curated for a Summertime drive.


His second single with redveil – the impossibly young DMV poet – behind PSA from earlier this year, the creative partnership is an insightful glimpse into the dynamic DIY nature of hip-hop’s future where artists like Langston Bristol are changing the course of music’s future. For more of a look into his quickly emerging soundscape, check out his project from earlier this year, M-Side Odyssey 2, and our interview with him on his artistry, influence, and aspirations.