Manière De Voir | an English Brand with a French Name Walking a Curated Line 

 Evan Dale // May 28, 2020 

The nice thing about simplicity and minimalism is that it’s never a trend. Even when it’s trendy to wear neutral tones and established cuts, wearing them at a time like now in fashion history – when maximalism and absurdist self-expression are trending to the stars and back – is still a fresh and acceptable look. Simplicity is always in style; always in season. And much of that is owed to the nature of minimalist or relatively minimal design. Where trendy maximalist pieces make for a great statement and show an appreciation for the times, minimalist staple pieces are applicable whenever, wherever, and when shopping with the right brands, might even last you the rest of your life – or as long as they could possibly hope to with the extensive wear that simple staples see.


But, that’s always the issue for the consumer. Finding simple staple clothing that is still of design intrigue, often means forgoing legitimate quality because it’s hard to shell out big money for something we consider less stylistically rare than a wardrobe’s maximalist counterparts. Brands like H&M, Uniqlo, ASOS, and even Zara have done well to introduce the world to the comfortability of having a closet full of simple, minimalist, affordable clothes that go with everything else. But, a series of issues arrive with all of those brands.


First, everyday people start to look the same. Teams of teenagers dressed head to toe in H&M’s Summer line diminish self-expression and self-confidence. Squads of young professionals in their 20’s rocking Zara’s SS/20 collection to work create offices full of clones. So, where do we look to branch out our minimalist, everyday wardrobes without shelling out paychecks for relatively simple design? It’s hard to see past the mire of big brands staging themselves as high fashion innovators, but when you can see to the other side, there are a swatch of smaller, more sustainable, more stylistically unique, affordable designers that should be the first place one looks when searching for the ‘basics’ in their wardrobe.


When it comes to Spring / Summer 2020 releases of the minimalist, simple cloth, Manière De Voir reigns supreme.


The English brand with a French name has no trouble embodying their well-designed soul. They have a ‘Way of Seeing’ that most other minimal brands struggle with. The creative palate of their SS/20 line for both men and women walks a carefully curated gray area between the simple and the fashion-forwardly complex. And in that balance, hangs what it is that separates them from H&M and Hermès. Just check out their unique mid-season collection from a few months back:

It’s a seemingly massive gap to fill, and at first glance might seem odd that it’s so challenging to float the middle ground between fast fashion and high fashion. After all, those are the polar caps of the style world. And yet, they oftentimes strive for the same thing: mostly simple, minimal lines highlighted with pops of statement pieces. The only difference is that every minimal piece of Hermès clothing is in itself a statement piece, while the most expressive of an H&M line becomes painfully noticeable everywhere due to its high-fidelity nature and accessibility.


Manière De Voir is different. Firstly, they’re smaller than their polarizing peers. ‘Product designs for all clothing and accessories are developed by [their] in-house design team, paying close attention to contemporary details to create an original collection.’ Their smaller size grants them a less corporate-centric structure, while their affordable name provides them a less strenuous environment than high-fashion houses. The result? A SS/20 line that’s casual, but unique; affordable, but not cheap.


Secondly, they take legitimate pride in their work, and the clothes in their collections show it. ‘When it comes to garment construction [they] work tirelessly behind the scenes to source premium fabrics and design [their] own so that [their] customers are buying into something unique.’ Their dedication to craftsmanship ensures that their quality mirrors that of the high-fashion brands, and yet, their name is synonymous with relatively simple design that all brands strive for; the relatively simple pricing that most don’t dare to match. The result? A SS/20 line that’s quality, long-lasting, and unique.


Thirdly, ‘[their] fit is paramount.’ Somewhere between measuring for super-thin supermodels and mass-producing in foreign factories, Manière De Voir hand-measure each garment before allowing its sale, again reaffirming their dedication; again, ensuring quality. The result? Just check out the SS/20 line and see for yourself.


When it comes to the word surely overused at this point in the editorial, Manière De Voir’s Spring / Summer 2020 line is minimalist in color. Even so, both the Men and Women’s lines offer nearly each silhouette in a swatch of differing – though colorfully minimalist – dyes. Whites, blacks, and greys of course, but also pops of pastel pink, denim blue, and light brown; zebra, camo, and multi-dyed denim and satin jackets for the truly expressive statement pieces.

When it comes to the other word that we’ve favored throughout this writeup, Manière De Voir’s Spring / Summer 2020 line is simple in its silhouettes. Its men’s entirety is a collection of fitted cuts that never escapes the realm of clothes referred to as “basics;’ the pants fit slim-regular; the shorts just above the knee; the jackets – a mid-length crop; and the hats – classic baseball. Truly, it’s a wearable line no matter the time and place. On the other hand, it’s women’s line this season takes much more of a fitted risk. Experimenting wildly with their silhouettes from pants, to swimwear, to our favorite – the offsetting combat black top & bottom duo.

But, where Manière De Voir really take risks across the board with their SS/20 line is in their accessory collection. With cross-body bags, pearl-framed glasses, chunky trainers, plaid and newspaper clutches, leather totes, and our favorite – the frosted trouser chain and the women’s belt bag – they ensure that a superfan decked out head-to-toe in their SS/20 line find their self-expression and absurdist maximalism in their accessories. It’s an age-old adage rarely executed to balanced perfection as it is here, speaking to Manière De Voir’s wholesome understanding of releasing a cohesive line.