McClenney and St. Panther Team Up for Summertime Burner, ‘Kerosene’

 Evan Dale // June 14, 2021 

The silky mellow of McClenney’s wide-reaching musicality is as understatedly brilliant as the Maryland creative himself is underratedly influential on a greater musical generation in constant search of a fluidity between stylistic definition. With McClenney, genre doesn’t exist. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and vocalist, he makes music better described by the situational application where his soundtrack feels most pronounced. On a rooftop with friends, under a tree with a glass of wine, on a bike ride, around a fire. Anywhere where positivity and calm are present, so too should be McClenney’s music.


Seemingly on a constant run of emotionally soft-edged and musically transcendent releases, his latest – and also his first of 2021 – is Kerosene, and per its flammable name, it’s fit for summertime. Striking guitar chords, an addicting hook, and a lot of flowery fire leave the single – which also features a closing verse from the bedroom-esque St. Panther – the perfect peacefully defiant anthem towards which to burn the Summer nights away.