What can we say about Culture ll? I suppose it depends what our expectations were leading up to it, what our hope is for the future of Migos, and what our hope is for the future of hip-hop and music in general. The Atlanta trio has become so universal that their influence truly has an effect on music’s direction. That’s clear to see. Since they first found success with Versace in 2015, hip-hop has come to reflect the sound they popularized. Which begs the question: Why would they want to see it go anywhere else?


Realistically, they probably don’t, and stylistically, they may not even be capable of taken their sound far from what we have come to love and expect. Hype. High-energy. Rhythmic. Melodic. Hypnotic. And undoubtedly, Culture ll checks all of those boxes. It’s heavy hitting with features and although it doesn’t seem to have the same amount of standout tracks as Culture, the long-awaited 24-song album is a cohesive marathon that highlights the state of hip-hop in 2018, and is sure to to carry with it wide and long lasting reach. 

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