UK neo-soul vocalist and songwriter, Murkage Dave has a sound worthy of the partly cloudy days and Dalí’s Persistence of Memory adorning his new track’s artwork. Elements of eclectic composition and undertone timelessness provide his sonic texture a certain distinction which has granted him his own blossoming corner of the British soul and R&B scene already very much abloom. 


The thematic buildup to You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy, is not a difficult one to assume. A relatable frustration, a particularly melancholy emotional toll unwinds throughout the track as his knack for storytelling is displayed front and center. And standing tall adjacent is his delivery which is certainly one-of-a-kind. A thick accent poetically arranges his penmanship in a cadence that jazzily adjusts its pace throughout the song’s duration, only finding consistency in its choral breakdowns. 


His unique approach to music has already opened an impressive selection of doors for his career – boasting recent collaborations with Mike Skinner (The Streets), Skepta, and Nekfeu. You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy is simply the newest in his string of quality releases and hopefully is some sort of hint at something bigger in the works.