Hip-Hop Experimentalists All Want an Invite to Myquale & Trapo’s ‘Gangsta Party’

 Evan Dale // March 19, 2021 

The poetically meditative, yet stylistically meandering flow that comes by way of Milwaukee's Myquale eternally bridges the thought-provoking and the wavy. And alongside Chicago modernist, Trapo, his latest single is his newest must-listen since 2020’s Passport Package. Overtop a dark, unnerving beat also of his making with credit, too, due to Renzell, Myquale and Trapo trade off-kilter deliveries line-by-line for 3-minutes of shimmering Lake Michigan experimentalism.


The unique is something that has always driven fans towards Myquale’s sound. A textbook example of being completely of his own stylistic schooling, the rapper and oft-melodic vocalist finds good company in Trapo – whose description can at times feel very linear, even if his music is starkly his own. And the collaboration between the two is exactly what hip-hop fans have always loved about Chicago hip-hop and that of the cities near its reach. A brash affinity for joint work leads the areas to an always emerging state of inventive identity – a party always flooded with the arts. And Myquale and Trapo’s Gangsta Party is another one leaving its listeners to beg for an invite.