Neeko Crowe Embodies Effortlessness with Hypnotic Single, ‘Kill!’

 Evan Dale // Nov 8 2020 

Effortless is a term that gets tossed around a lot in a modern hip-hop scene smoked out with weed rappers, candy wrappers, and big blabbers, but few live up to its purpose. Seamless, fluid, natural, and organic at every corner of his aesthetic, Houston’s Neeko Crowe is the definition of the word. Blessed with a deep voice, a deeper range, and the deepest of talent pools, his is a sound the likes of which will continue to define hip-hop in an ever-evolving realm of wider range and unique auditory aesthetic.


Kill! is his latest single in a harrowing string of releases so far in 2020, and akin to everything he’s put out into the streaming world, it embodies effortlessness, even while so much effort surely went into its craft. Built on a foundation of silky guitar chords, Neeko Crowe opens with its hook – a delicate, immersive melody that puts both his clever flow and his silky vocals on display. And as soon as it began, Kill!’s chorus transitions into a hypnotic verse of lyrically endowed, dynamically cadenced introspection circling self-assurance in his gift.


And why not? He’s got it, and with more releases like Kill! surely working towards a collection of sorts, Neeko Crowe is emblazoning his stamp on a hip-hop scene searching for authenticity at its most effortless core.