Young UK Artist, Adam Rom Joins Forces with àB for R&B Driven 'You & Me'

It’s difficult to delineate exactly from where Adam Rom draws inspiration. The young UK singer, songwriter, and producer is a creative of artistic breadth that’s noticeable in each and every release. From bedroom pop sensitivities, to electro-pop production, his newest single release is one marked most by a leaning towards R&B and Neo-soul if for no other reason than the romantically inclined thematic explorations and the undeniably silky vocals of himself and collaborator, àB. You & Me is a layered, complex beat that nods to the emotional layering present in each piece of the duet’s additions to the song musically and emotionally.

With an understated range himself, the classic vocalism of àB establishes a vibrant juxtaposition between the two as voices and as opposing roles in a romantic storyline. In addition to the summery, warm-weather production, the result is a sweet romantic anthem worthy of this time of year, and pointing to a continued career as a wide-ranging generational leader.

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