Akil's 'Dear Momma' is more than a Mother's Day Anthem, it's an Exhibition of Bars

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, Akil, released a new single. The specificity and the weight of the track hasn’t really been felt in hip-hop since André 3000 put out Look Ma, No Hands for the same holiday in 2018. But, for a rapper as staunchly individualistic as the 23-year-old from Indio, California, we’ll digress with the comparisons and the shared spotlight, with the exception of collaborator, Preston and of course, Akil’s Dear Momma.

The single is more than a Mother’s Day anthem; it’s an everyday poem for his own mother, and for the brash exhibition of the penmanship Akil brings to the table. Musically, the track boils down to lyricism, which comes as easy to Akil’s meaningful tracks as hype does to his high-energy anthems.

More than anything, it’s just another reason to hop on board with the young rapper who is surely headed towards a debut project and massive following in short time.

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