Guy Ivory is an Alternative Soul Vocalist with Music Rooted in Peace During Times of Turmoil

The UK’s modern Soul scene is so expansive that it’s easy to sometimes overlook those that lie in its adjacent grey areas. Meet Guy Ivory, a London alternative soul vocalist whose newest single, I’ll Be Okay is an uplifting, piano-led ballad inescapable in its emotional prowess. There are, like most alternative, low-tone singers whose underlying production stems from gospel-reminiscent nuances, lines to be drawn to the anthemic deliveries of artists like Hozier. But more than anything, Guy Ivory is a force all his own, with a sound so refined and laced with passionate power that it’s difficult to believe I’ll Be Okay is only his latest in a string of three released singles.

As he says, I’ll Be Okay ‘describes the importance of finding peace of mind in times of turmoil and uncertainty’ and in trying times such as these, the sounds of Guy Ivory inspire hope and contemplative introspection with a positive edge, and nothing is more powerful than that.

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