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New York Hip-Hop Artist, Marques Martin Explores Low-Fidelity Lyricism with 'Candy'

Akin to so many hip-hop artists from New York, Marques Martin is a rapper driven first and foremost by a lyrically inclined, honest style; second by low-fidelity, jazz born beats; and third by being largely incomparible outside of his lyrically led, jazzily derived aesthetic. Candyis his latest single and feels tethered to the warmer seasons and their accompanying moods, bringing in a sing-songy hook that feels fit for a rooftop beer or a book in the park.

Even with penmanship fueled by self-discovery and the challenges of the come-up, Marques Martin never loses sight of an underlying tone of positivity that makes Candy as sweet as early summer anthems can be.

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