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South African Rapper, Nasty C, Drops Def Jam Debut, 'There They Go'

Recently signed to Def Jam Records, Durban, South Africa rapper, Nasty C, recently released his label debut single, There They Go. It’s an odd moment of crossover for an artist that has been a staple of South African hip-hop for years to suddenly be dropped into a market where his presence, though established, is certainly of a different scale than the charts he was used to topping back home. But, at an especially global moment in cultural history and an outrageously fluid moment for hip-hop, where artists from Southern and Western Africa in particular are having their sound not only heard, but celebrated and implemented internationally, Nasty C’s There They Gois exactly the kind of high-octane hit he needed to make a splash.

It rides a classic hip-hop foundation of playful chimes and heavy bass from producer, Cxdy, laying the tracks for Nasty C to go in on a cadence that seamlessly adjusts from the spoon-fed to the lighting fast. And if anything is put on a highest pedestal through the beat and the flow of There They Go, It’s Nasty C’s effortless ability to be lyrically dominant at every moment throughout the track.

Look out for more from Nasty C, who is expected to release a subsequent label debut album from Def Jam later this year.

Listen on Soundcloud

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