Nashville's Ras Wiz Keeps it Old-School with Unmastered, Raw 'Virtue of the Gods'

There is something unavoidably old-school in the auditory aesthetic of Ras Wiz’s newest single, Virtue of the Gods. The Nashville rapper is a versatile one, capable of pursuing his less poetic exploits with the same richness exuded through his deepest penmanship. But, his bread and butter definitely exists somewhere in his words and their delivery.

Virtue of the Gods follows suit. As a raw, imperfect, unmastered three-minute barrage of penmanship only interrupted here and there by a melodic chorus, it gives us a glimpse into the roots of his artistry, where street corner cyphers and boombox freestyles have given way to his more mastered, modern hits. For those, definitely worth checking out as well, look into his 2020 EP, Still My Valentine.

But, in equal measure, respect the process and the pillars of rap by showing love to the authenticity, purity, and Virtue of the Gods.

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