Indefinably Ranged Musician, Treasure, Drops Soothing Experiment, 'Suffocation & Air'

Edging near the more ambient end of dream dwelling indie soul, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist, Treasure is an all-encompassing musician making music for the moments that call for the most from the most minimal. His is a unique blend of influences which range from Frank Ocean, The Internet, and D’Angelo to Choker and Homeshake, where the nuances of timeless instrumentals and unendingly unique vocalism draws akin the breadth that’s hard to bridge between indie, Neo-Soul, and something altogether ambient and unexplored.

His newest project, Suffocation & Air speaks to the softer tones of the spectrums from which he draws inspiration, never exceeding a melodic hum, and rarely stifling below a warm whisper touched with streaks of golden hour light. As a cohesive collection, Suffocation & Air is a sensitive half-hour fit for this time of year where warm weather and cool breezes are in constant push and pull. And looking deeper track by track, those curious enough about what a relatably mellow artist is saying beneath the mire of beach-struck guitar chords and post-genre styling, will find harsh emotions and thought-provoking tales that speak to a young artist with so much more to give.

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