Nashville Hip-Hop Trio, Wednesdays Continue Rolling Out Singles with Mellow, 'Caesar'

Experimental Nashville trio, Wednesdays have been on a mission to shine their uniquely collaborative sound with the world in 2020. Between three wide-ranging musicians, through only four singles to this point, the group – comprised of producer, josephfiend, soul-blending vocalist-rapper, Lul Lion, and deep-delivery poet, Kaby – have been able to put an undeniably broad spectrum of hip-hop on display.

After a more hard-hitting anthemic, Lucky You, Wednesdays take a step back towards poetic ballad, Caesar. The new single – underlined by hypnotic key riffs – is reinforced by melodically inclined, lyrically adept verses from both Lul Lion & Kaby who later harmonize over a floaty, emotive outro.

Caesar is Wednesdays’ most musically mellow, emotionally evocative delivery to date, spotlighting a corner of their range introduced by the tune of Right Now, but cemented here, ensuring it for further explorations in the future.

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