Confidence, Power & Extravagance Continue to Define Qveen Herby | EP 6

 Evan Dale // June 4, 2019 

It’s been Summer even since Qveen Herby dropped her debut EP in 2017. And though the icy lyricist has a knack for oftentimes cold and unforgiving penmanship, something about her one-of-a-kind delivery breathes of warm weather, self-love, and the fierce independence accompanying the lawlessness of Summer break. Her music is embodying of unapologetic female strength while speaking and relating to anyone and everyone that wishes to carry with them the confidence and pure swagger delineating the raw power of her every move and moment. She is a songstress of unparalleled talent, a master of high energy, and royalty of anthemic music for a new generation. 


She wears her name well.


A queen of fashion. A queen of music. A queen of a culture all of her own making, Qveen Herby is here not to leave a mark on music, but to change it entirely. And no one else in music is taking to such a challenge with more confidence and downright showmanship. 


Something about the way she’s gone about introducing herself to the world has been juxtaposing and balanced in all the ways that express her greater shock value digestibly, approachably. Six 5-track EP’s delivered almost seasonably have outlined her growth as a rapper, a vocalist, and a cultural icon, coming to be somewhat of a thesis on the power of social media culture and the inventiveness required to reinvent oneself for the greater market while perhaps becoming the truest version of oneself all at the same time. Listen to any of her music, watch any of her videos, read her bio and you’ll understand:


Reinventing myself as Qveen Herby was easy because for the first time I have a real mission. I am here to empower you with my music. I am living fucking proof that you can be and have ANYTHING you want. No alternative agenda. I’ve been in the position of doing non-purposeful music and left that shit behind me. The best way to know what you want is knowing what you DON’T want. This is how I want to use my platform. I want to inspire you to live the highest, truest expression of yourself: a modern-day boss bitch, enjoying the journey then reaching that supreme moment of destiny when you align your personality with your purpose!!


Powerful words from a powerful woman that makes powerful art.


The latest of which, EP6 is no exception to the power, but in true Qveen Herby form, is undoubtedly exceptional nonetheless. Like all of her collections since the shift from poppy but inspired Karmin – a two-piece group made up of Qveen’s previous personal chapter collaborating with her producer boyfriend, Jedii Nick – EP 6 is a five-track experimental project exploring the boundlessness of modern hip-hop, vocals, and of course, confidence. Thirty seconds into the project’s opener, New Bitch, and it becomes clear what it is that we’re talking about. An inspiring and uplifting chorus about embracing and attacking the new chapters of life leads into a series of Qveen’s signature high-energy and fast-paced rap verses. Very much in the spirit of the cocky braggadocio that has driven so much of hip-hop’s thematic explorations through history, Qveen Herby, like many explosive female MC’s of the current era, flips the hyper-masculine switch of the rap game norm, and bursts with feminine strength. The result are tracks that are always hits, that always scream of womanhood, and that always exhibit Qveen’s absurd and continuously expanding range.


Mint is surely another mainstream party anthem, allowing Qveen’s sung-rap approach to dance playfully overtop a tropical, bass-heavy beat. Again, if any one adjective is capable of describing her music, it would be anthemic. Something about her aesthetic just speaks to the badass in every one of her listeners, inspiring confidence and self-love first, inspiring energy and all around fuckery in a close second. 


With EP 6, and through such prolificity to define the (re)beginning of her path, nothing feels forced nor repeated. The projectfeels like the most polished, cohesive thus far, continuing to explore and unearth her inner lane. Growing as an artist of many broad talents with each and every project and never letting slip her tight grip on female empowerment, Qveen Herby is truly changing music and the broad culture surrounding it, so get on board now because more is sure to soon come.