The last two weeks, we here at RNGLDR have told you what to wear, when to wear it, and how to feel about wearing it or not.


This week, in the penultimate article of this three-part series, we pay homage to the things in your wardrobe that you simply cannot say goodbye to.


You know the feeling.


That pit in your stomach when you realize that those sneakers are definitely stained for good. When the lace rips through the eyelet of your leather high tops as you slip them off following a late night of drinking.


When the pockets on that bomber or those prize denim jeans finally give up, and a crater sized hole now lets your keys freefall down the leg or into the inner stitch.


It happens.


You rock your clothes, they get aged, and wear out after wearing in.


But often times, this is hardly a death sentence for such articles.


If you’re willing to give up so easily on a given piece, it probably wasn’t that important anyways, and deserves no place in the company of today’s editorial.


The ones that do are the dated, unsung heroes of your wardrobe.


Those high tops you wore years ago in Manhattan, masquerading as a part of the upper class, the ones that saw you through your 21stbirthday and many hazy nights after - those deserve a staple in the eyelet to keep them going past their monetary prime.


Is it janky?




Does it matter?


Not at all.


Those perfectly broken in sneakers are ready for round two, for any number of rainy days and nights, any measure of beating they can take, because they already have.


If you truly wear the items you own, the unfortunate reality is that all good things must come to an end. Whether you revive them or not is completely dependent on your level of attachment and dedication to detail.


The jeans you put your knee through after New Year’s? Unless you’re a trained seamstress, those are probably gone for good.


But the point is that there is no shame in reviving old aspects of your wardrobe.


If you’re anything like the RNGLDR team, your style continues to evolve. Maybe it’s a yearly thing. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing. It doesn’t matter in all honesty. Adding new flair and life to any piece is admirable and shows you’re not a materialistic psycho that throws clothes out after their tertiary wear.


Clothing, sneakers, really anything under the style umbrella is extremely integral to the lifestyle of people like us.


But realizing your impact and maximizing the life of your garments is good for your wallet (not to mention your environmental footprint).


Furthermore, imagine the character of these garments that have been to the grave and back.


No, these aren’t the crispest pieces in your wardrobe. But they’re somehow just as good if not better, albeit for completely different reasons.


If you always have something new and unworn on, you’re either very lucky or very wealthy


But like most who occasionally splurge on a new wardrobe addition that is largely made of aged staples, you have a fresh take with gritty detailing.


It’s like an air of mystery that gets added to any ensemble. Like saying “I value these items, but I don’t care if they get thrashed”.


Ain’t that just poetic.


It also proves that you’re willing to take care of your garb. That the items you spend your money on have value, beyond just being a way to impress other bar-goers or Instagrammers.


We like to think that this dichotomy of styling in your wardrobe completes the spectrum.


You have the crisp, clean, neatly creased pieces that are straight off the boutique floor and fresh out of the box. 


You have the clothes that you’ve worn and broken in. Not new, but not worn out.


And finally, you have the pieces that have stood the test of time. Weathered and maybe even a bit battered. But fresh because of their aesthetic value and the level of wear they receive.


The current state of “fast fashion”, if you will, is frankly counterproductive to the culture of style and streetwear.


It fetishizes trendy styles at low prices.


But what are you really getting? 


Mass produced, low quality garments that hardly perform before you throw them out.


So that pair you have that you’re trying to ditch? Salvage them with a couple magic erasers and some elbow grease.


Break out a pen or some quality paint and turn the weird stain in your hoodie into a 1-of-1 wearable piece of original art.


Grab the staple gun off the workbench in the garage and close that wayward eyelet on those hightops right up.


Get the needle, thread it up, and sew the pockets shut on those jeans, or in that jacket.


And then, unapologetically, wear the shit out of it again.


Style - correction, good style – is timeless and not a reflection of your wealth. It’s a reflection of your passion for creativity.


Regardless of whether you rock it, you stock it, or you relock it, RNGLDR has but one thing to ask each and every one of you.


Cherish your pieces. Share your style with the world around you. Don’t give a fuck about whether other people like it or not. All good things are polarizing, otherwise they wouldn’t be worth arguing about.


Stay stylish friends.