The best way for a classic artist to hit the scene with some new love is to team up with a younger, talented producer. If there’s proof that a blending of historic and modern styles is possible in the vast realm of hip-hop, it lies in collaborations like Ghostface Killah and Apollo Brown’s Rise of the Black Suits. Edgy, aggressive lyrcisim expected of the Wu-Tang founder in combination with the jazzy, smooth production that we’ve come to love from the Michigan producer, Apollo Brown, leaves this track with an essence of class and simultaneous grit.


The single comes as the lead release to Mello Music Group’s forthcoming album The Brown Tape – a reproduced and re-edited version of Adrian Younge, Linear Labs, and Ghostface Killah’s 2013 project, 12 Reasons to Die. If the rest of the album comes to sound anything like Rise of the Black Suits, count us in. 

Listen to Rise of the Black Suits below, and be on the lookout for the rest of the project soon