Saba’s Latest 2-Pack, ‘Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop’ is More Prolific Penmanship

 Evan Dale // March 19, 2021 

If the most underrated lyricist in modern hip-hop isn’t Saba, then that’s only because he’s finally getting the high-flying acclaim he’s deserved since before his melodic 2016 Photosynthesis birthed his limelight presence. Most recently, on a tear of A-Side / B-Side releases dating back to last year, he’s been putting the stretch of his rangy sound to the test. And most recently of the A-Side / B-Side drops – 2-packs that beg for an artist to shine a light on the dichotomy on their auditory aesthetic – is Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop.


Along with a single visual detailing the entirety of the two-pack in a simple rooftop shot, Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop never stops short of being a prolific exhibition of penmanship, but does shine Saba in two lights, nonetheless. With Ziplock, Saba delivers an anthemic, meditative rap flow that we’ve come to expected. With Rich Don’t Stop, he embarks down a more experimental, melodic, and vibrantly emotional outlet of passion through creativity. More is clearly on the way, so keep an eye out.