$avvy is ‘Calling It Quits,’ but We’re Begging for More After Addicting, New Single

 Evan Dale // Aug 10, 2021 

When Nashville’s one of-a-kind art school rap enigma, $avvy puts out a new single, it’s time to put on a smile with your high-fashion babushka and get weird. Most recently, Calling It Quits came to fruition, putting on display his quirky and addicting approach to hip-hop at an even more grandiose scale than we’re accustomed to. Gleaming with the juxtaposition of a deep bass, and mellow keystroke beat, Calling It Quits grants $avvy the auditory space to meander from his repetitively enticing hook to his glitzy vocal runs, all the while weaving in and out some clever punchlines depicting lovestruck struggles with she for whom the track is named. At the end of the day, it’s that angsty drama blended into the fun-loving nature of his unique sound that makes us such fans of the sound he’s curating, and Calling It Quits is the perfect single to put on a clinic of the necessary newness he’s bringing not just to an explosive Nashville scene, put to all of hip-hop’s new-age experimentation.