SiR's visuals for D'Evils
Breathe of Love and Paradise

 Evan Dale // May 5, 2018 

It's been a little while since Southern California soul astronaut, SiR blessed us with his January album, November, but the repercussions of its transcendent heat are still being felt across the solar system. It's not necessarily so that November is solely to thank for the hot streak of soul and R&B in its wake, but SiR is undoubtedly a particularly bright spot amongst an already fluorescent backdrop of creative and artistic light. 


It's difficult to pinpoint what exactly it is about the Inglewood songwriter that seems so especially enticing. But more certain than anything, is that he is proprietor of a sound like no one else's. Pure individualistic uniqueness drives his music and draws his fan base. 


His buttery soft, undertone vocals comparable only with the sweetest vocalists through time blend seamlessly into his shifts in cadence and attitude on par with the TDE company he keeps. It comes together with his brilliant penmanship to form a sound reminiscent less if any music already on the market and more so of the subconscious self-conversations that guide the thoughts, emotions, and actions in all of our everyday lives. And that knack for representing interior thought grant him an obvious amount of reliability to all who listen. Naturally November, which is the finest exhibition of his unique talent to date, was a game changing work of creative genius that reached his audience in ways few albums likely ever have. And the cult following that ensued ensures that reach is still being felt today.


And yet, critical acclaim aside, November hasn't come to receive the amount of public attention that it deserves. Neither has SiR. But that may be by design. He doesn't seem to be drawn to the limelight, but is instead a man towed into it by his incomparable talent. 


But beyond his rather quiet and solemn persona, his excuse for being somewhat of a hermit by celebrity musician standards may lie in his most recent work. The visuals he just released to accompany one of his keynote performances from November, D'Evils, takes the interplanetary songwriter on a tour of his home planet's most serene beauty. 


A visual tale of the relationships and romance we as humans not only share with each other, but also with our environments, the video unfolds in some undisclosed corner of tropical Jamaican paradise where SiR who seems to already exist in a perpetual state of relaxation and meditation, unearths an even deeper level. He and his mysteriously gorgeous counterpart spend the video paddling bamboo rafts, dancing from the point of a small rock island, and weaving in and out of natural and cultural highlights most of us will never know. And just like the rarely clear conversations and visions in our own minds, the video's production on film grants it a special sort of opacity that link its textures both sonically and visually in their dreamlike states. 


There could not exist a more apt visual representation of SiR's relaxed, one-of-a-kind sound. 


More than anything, we hope these visuals are some sort of footage compilation from his well-deserved post-album vacation, and that with their edit and release, he has come back to our world to gift us with even more of his unparalleled artistic expression before heading out once again to outer space, the outer reaches of civilization, or the outermost circles of his imagination.