Last week, we explored the deeply intrinsic if not somewhat paradoxical love affair between our favorite wardrobe pieces and their slow decay into a beaten and battered state. In a word, rock.


However, there isn’t much else in this world that can feel nearly as empowering or gratifying as donning an absolutely pristine, unsullied piece – or pieces – to make a statement with an ensemble.


For every ounce of ourselves that love the aspect of adding mileage and character to certain parts of our wardrobe, there is an equal measure of unrealistic desire that we maintain quality to a select quantity of our collection.


It’s like an ode to all things freshly removed from a box. The things that forgo the creases which only come from an extended amount of wear and tear or the dust that comes with ill-maintained storage.


The things that, when worn, simply exude stylistic grace and original aesthetic definition.


Everyone has a few items in their wardrobe that they care about more than others.


Perhaps it has something to do with price. Perhaps it has something to with the patience and perseverance required to obtain them. Or perhaps it is simply because they are indefinably favorites.


Regardless of distinction, they are the pinnacle of your wardrobe.


The key is that you love them for whatever reason that you may do so.


And because of this coveted emotion that you apply to the identity of these wardrobe keystones, they aren’t your typical going out clothes.


You wouldn’t be caught dead with thosesneakers on in a dingy dive bar.


There would never be an instance you submit thatincredible suede bomber to the more inclement and wet elements for fear of ruining its luster.


It’s undoubtedly true that all various toolings and pieces of your wardrobe deserve to see the light of day. But never underestimate the power of occasion.


A prime example – perhaps a bit obvious – a pair of all white trainers.


Likely the cause of many an enthusiasts’ heartbreak, they are notoriously impossible to keep clean.


No amount of bleach, water proofer, or incessant worrying can keep those prized white beauties clean forever. At some point, they will – we absolutely mean they are destined for – the gathering of off-color stains.


If you’re always in your white trainers, they’ll become a beaten and smudged mess in front of your helpless eyes.


But if you’re patient, and only break those prized trainers out on the driest and sunniest days, they’ll dazzle anyone adventurous enough to sneak a peek. In this instance, we fully support stocking your gear.


Don’t get it misconstrued, you should always wear your clothes.


But be mindful of when you debut a given item. A pair of yellow high tops can be excessive if you’re in them every day.


Only bring them out every so often, and quickly they become a luxurious staple of your upscale wardrobe.


This is the revered tier of your wardrobe. Those items that you have put on the top shelf, the garments that maintain their crispness and emerge from your closet only on select occasion.


It’s humbling to have pieces of this nature. They aren’t for everyday wear. They aren’t a wardrobe staple. They may even very well be of a completely outlandish nature in some astoundingly out-there shape or color that you seldom adorn yourself in.


But that’s the beauty of stocking your highly-prized pieces.


We still very much subscribe to the idea in putting mileage on your wardrobe, regardless of their sanctity.


But not all pieces are made equal, and that’s perfectly fine.


If you wear your Vans to a bar and they get thrashed, you can shake it off because you know replacing a pair will set you back about the same as a tank of gas.


Now, if you go to the same bar in a pair of Daniel Patrick Roamers and the lovely yellow calfskin suede gets saturated with alcohol and mud stains, you’ll probably cry yourself to sleep for a week at the prospect of replacing them – even if you could find a pair.


But those Vans aren’t really the best shoes to rock at the office if you’re hoping to gain a measure of professionalism with your outfit. Maybe a cool pick on a casual Friday, but not capable of being dressed up like a pair of Italian suede high tops.


As stated, it’s all about the power of occasion.


Your rugged and well-traveled pieces will always hold a special place in your heart. They take you everywhere, and for that they deserve your affection.


But every now and then, you’ve got to bring out the big guns.


Crank the meter on the Extrabutton to the maximum.


You likely worked hard to procure these elements and have maybe put in the work necessary to maintain them for a long period of time.


All this due diligence is your accreditation that indeed you are capable of being more dedicated – read obsessed – than your typical person of style.

Your various wardrobe items are your thesis paper, your personal argument for what style looks like in a world of incredibly varied and divergent interpretation.


Some of the paragraphs in this thesis exist as a means to set up your final argument.


They’re thorough, well thought out, and serve to illustrate the point you’re trying to make.


But every good thesis needs that strong closing statement, the penultimate words in a long prose of personal elucidation.


You don’t want to build a great case for yourself just to skimp on one final fucking word.


You drive that point home with authority.


Take those grails off the shelf.


It’s time.