Evan Dale | May 17, 2020 

  • Has Mastered the Versatility of the Plain, White Sneaker

If there’s one point of focus where Adekunle Gold throws color and pattern to the side, it’s in favor of plain, white sneakers. With almost every outfit, he uses them to juxtapose the rest of his eye-catching, colorful choices, giving them the same quality.

  • Accessory Game Untouchable

Amongst Nigeria’s many fashionable treasures, golden jewelry is one of its most storied. And Adekunle Gold embodies the timelessness of his culture’s affinity for accessory.

  • An Oversized Denim Jacket Makes him an Even More Imposing Figure

Adekunle Gold isn’t only a proponent of his West African roots. He’s one of the foremost authorities on how to marry his culture’s stylistic choices with those from other places, layering the two with one another.

  • Makes Traditional Unobtainably Trendy

Adekunle Gold is a visionary of bringing traditional Yoruba staples - like the Agbada pictured here - to the global stage.

  • Cleans it up without Losing Sense of Himself

Adekunle Gold is a master of transitioning from casual to formal without losing his sense of personal style. He pulls up the Ankara prints and the accessories, only focusing on a new cut altogether.

  • Wears a Traditional Aso Oke Like its a 2008 59/50

Along with the Agbada, Adekunle Gold also has a closet full of Aso Oke hats that he can dress up, down, and blend with a modern look.

  • Embodies a West African Understanding of Texture

When talking the tradition of West African clothing, texture is a must. Whether its the waxy feel of an Ankara textile or the thick, bold quality of a woven Agbada, Adekunle Gold has a look that begs to be felt.

  • His Casual Trot for Coffee Could be Your Best Night Out

Sporting Ankara prints with a casual ‘fit is a flex for most people. But, when one of the most stylish people in Nigeria goes out for a casual spin, there’s no need to tone down the shirt.

  • Never Looks out of Season in a Fur Coat

Most would struggle with the confidence or the comfort to rock a fur coat at all, let alone in the heat of summer, but as a musician - and an especially stylish one at that - its always fur season for Gold.

  • An Outfit of Misfit Pieces Fits like a Glove

If one standout difficulty exists in the myriad patterns and texture of West African clothing, its how to pair them with one another. The simple trick: throw inhibitions of pattern to the wind, just focus on colors that coalesce.