Chi Ilochi | July 31, 2020 

  • Comfy, Casual, Sensual

From the cozy looks to the chill aesthetics, Ari has a gift of making a crew neck down to even a pair of pjs look trendy.

  • Thrives in the Contrast

Whether in her videos, her photoshoots, or her interviews, Ari utilizes juxtaposing colors and textures to make a statement. 

  • You See Chaos, Ari Sees Art

It’s not easy to create an appealing look that consists of multiple garments and colors. What one may label a chaotic outfit, Ari sees art.

  • Merges the Sensual with the Powerful

No matter what it is that Ari Lennox is sporting, her powerful voice and her even more powerful demeanor drive strength into every performance and every outfit. Just check out her COLORS performance in the link above.

  • Reps Her Team

Ari quickly turned into a face of the Dreamville Team, racking up prolific acclaim and a world tour with her debut album, ‘Shea Butter Baby.’ In turn, she utilizes her platform as an R&B soul stress and style queen to shine a light right back on Dreamville.

  • Bright & Bold with a Side of Fur

Styling bright clothing isn't as easy as it looks, but somehow Ari manages to master the art of color theory in her sexy chic neons! 

  • Headshots that Give a Glimpse of the Greater Outfit

Most models & A-list talent usually keep their headshots pretty basic, not giving too much or too little. Ari has mastered the art of accessorizing a typical close-up, leaving the viewer yearning for the full body look!

  • She’s the Coziest

When most people are wearing a cozy look, you usually see them in t-shirts, sweats or oversized jackets, but not Ari. Ari can make a cozy look runway (or music video) ready!

  • Goes Big even When Going ‘Subtle’

Somewhere between al the fur and neon, it’s easy to forget that Ari Lennox can dress it down - or dress it dark - with exquisite detail to prints, textures, and accessories

  • Who Said the All-White Look had to be Gaudy?

The color white is typically styled in a gaudy, holier than thou kind of way, but Ari manages to make white looks look like red satin dresses! If making the colorless look vibrant is not versatility, then what is?