Chi Ilochi | June 3, 2021 

  • “I’m not a hypebeast, I just have expensive taste”

DDG is no stranger to high-end design. In fact, he’s mastered the art of designer on designer without looking tacky.

  • “We so toxic, maybe we should stop this”

With a unique style that some would consider destructive in the fashion scene, DDG makes bright and bold print look like fashion week in Milan.

  • Reminds us of the style staple that is denim

DDG refuses to let us forget how much of a fashion staple denim is. He’s mastered the material with high end looks that are certain to turn heads.

  • He Strikes that Balance between Sports and Style

Most men struggle to style sports memorabilia because it appears as if they’re “trying too hard.” DDG styles these pieces with the confidence and swagger of a Point Guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • “We’re not still in high-school, but don’t forget I was valedictorian”

DDG has created a new category beyond the high school Best Dressed award. His play on color and pattern reminds you of the cool kid at lunch.

  • “I can switch it up too don’t forget!”

Although DDG is an A-List rapper, he can qualify for the role of a stylist with his ability to add versatility to his style.

  • “I know you mad but do not leave me bro..”

Even on his “off days” DDG still manages to create looks that leave you wondering if he’s ever really had a “bad day.”

  • Who said only women can wear pink?

DDG styles the color pink in such a masculine way, that you almost forget its history as a feminine color.

  • There’s a Right Way to Style the Shirtless Look

If you didn’t know it was possible to style a shirtless look, now you know! DDG’s ability to style a look with a nude flair is a skill that should be admired and duplicated.

  • “I make a white tee look good don’t I?”

As you all know, most men wear white tees to run errands like grocery shopping or getting a haircut but not DDG! He’s single-handedly created a new way to style the iconic white tee, making it look like a double breasted suit from Ralph Lauren.