Evan Dale | April 21, 2020 

  • Has a Stage Look that Matches his Stage Presence

A vivid, passionate performer, JMSN never hits the stage without a get-up that can live up to the intensity, timelessness, and sex of his stage presence.

  • Belt Fuckin' Buckles

JMSN rarely goes without statement piece and more often than that, that statement piece is a badass belt buckle. Just check out the album cover for his latest live collection if you want to see more.

  • Looks like a 90's Art School Student

JMSN must be a master thrifter because his impeccable vintage collection looks like it was sourced from the Goodwill down the street from 90's RISD.

  • A Figure of Vintage Americana

So much of JMSN's wardrobe seems pulled from other eras and specific moments in history, but his favorite would seem to be Americana fashion plucked from a mid-20th Century Western film.

  • An Early Proponent of the Country-Western Renaissance

Once reserved for the dark, untouched corners of consignment stores, country-western fashion is all the fashion and JMSN has been on board far longer than it’s been a trend. 

  • Can Completely Reinvent his Look

When JMSN first ditched Motown Records and took his music in a new, experimental direction, he embraced his Denim-on-the-Cross facade. A decade and a stylistic reinvention later & he still looks undeniably himself.

  • Can Dress It Up

With such a wide range of looks in his wardrobe, it's no surprise that those best fit for a function - like Lennon frames & a satin trench coat - are conversation pieces.

  • Can Dress It Down

When he's not in velour floral and country-western customs, JMSN can even be casual (while sporting his own tees).

  • Always Look Polaroid Fresh

There's something intangible and elusive about film and polaroids, and for some reason, JMSN is able to use his aesthetic to evoke what it is that's so hard to capture with old photos.

  • Can Look Like he's been Living in the Studio

For most artists, weeks in the studio to perfect a new project would mean a grizzly, rough mug on the other side. JMSN simply reverts to the bunned, bearded glory of his past looks.