Chi Ilochi | July 8, 2021 

  • I’d rather play with colors than with her heart

Quite like his sweet and luminous lyricism, it’s safe to say that JVCK would rather play with a color palette, even if he’s always toying with his listener’s emotions.

  • Even on his casual days, the style remains intact, JVCK

Style is subjective, but fashion is evident. There is no denying that JVCK can create fashions with pieces that others would overlook.

  • ‘I always thought I wanted to tell you I loved you…’

It’s no secret that JVCK is a man of many emotions, some easier to show than others in song. He’s aware of that truth, and shows all of himself in his style, a form of vulnerability that some spend their entire lives trying to reach.

  • ‘We don’t need no more drama…’

JVCK James creates a sensual stoicism in his style, with his impressive blend of sleek and staple fashions.

  • The best art is the kind you can’t explain

JVCK is a mastermind when it comes to channeling his artistic expression in his personal style. It’s safe to say his stylistic confidence keeps you yearning for more. 

  • A man of many colors, emotions, & fabrics

One thing JVCK James is always going to do, is wear his heart on his sleeve, literally. Most men don’t know how to style bold fabrics, maybe they should learn how.

  • Channeling the 90’s

JVCK leaves you questioning if we’e in 2021 or the early 90s. His ability to show homage for the decade in a modern way is a skill we should all adopt.

  • Creating a fashion statement with your hair

JVCK James is one of the few artists who can create runway-like fashion statements with his hair alone.

  • Hit or miss, style is about risk

It takes a special kind of fashion creativity to create looks that everyone may not agree with and leave them reconsidering their opinion(s) once they see them on.

  • Creative multiplicity, musically & stylistically 

Multi-faceted is one of the many words that can be used to describe JVCK’s ever changing style - in music and in fashion. A style that allows you to recreate yourself with the change of a shirt - or the switch of a flow - is a style everyone should want.