Evan Dale | May 31, 2020 

Given the circumstances, we want to utilize this episode to educate on safe & prepared protesting attire as well as teach on the history of revolutionary fashion. Thankfully, we know a guy who dresses in permanent readiness for these stormy times.

  • Streetwear was Designed for this

The comfort and applicable movability of joggers and modern sneakers were designed from the tenets of underground culture and more importantly, promote agility and comfortability in the process. Why not take advantage of them while stopping the system taking advantage of you?

  • Future Punk Style is a Proven Subculture Go-To

When out and about in moments not spent protesting, but just moving through everyday life, there’s no reason to stop riding with the subculture. To stand up for change, there aren’t many better, more established looks than punk’s long and wide-ranging stylistic history.

  • Subtleties and Comfort in a Protesting Getup

Though blackout, neutral textiles are important to wear when protests start to escalate, peaceful protests are made stronger by strong stylistic choices. When daytime protesting, there is room to make an aesthetic statement as long as you’re comfortable enough for a long march.

  • Wear an Outfit that Evokes your most Powerful Emotions

Heard the phrase ‘you’ve got to look good to play good?’ The same state of mind that makes you perform better through the power of the clothes on your back is relevant when channeling anger and frustration into societal change. 

  • Stay Shrouded, My Friends

Strength in numbers with those around you also means that the risk is being detained amongst a targeted group could be significant. Cover your face and any notable markings like tattoos with oversized jackets and layers so if you must scatter, you can relayer and dissipate into another group.

  • Inspire the Crowd when Leading the Charge

If you’re aiming to lead the revolution, make sure the outfit inspires a sense of power and leadership, and of course, that the mic is plugged in or that the megaphone has battery. 

  • There are Moments to Make a Statement while Making a Statement

Revolutions require moments of exhibiting the culture you’re fighting for. Displays of stylistic shine in relative peacetime - like speaking at a governmental forum for law reform - keeps the pride of culture in the limelight and strengthens the statement. 

  • Certain Styles Inspire the Great Moments of Social Revolution's Past

Though a lot of militant fashion has been made famous by revolutionaries, the beret has the strongest history. Che Guevara, the Black Panthers, and others have made a statement by flipping the military hat on its head in favor of those that really hold the power. 

  • Use a Wearable Bag to Bring the Necessities

Though you want to be traveling light during a demonstration, the necessities - water, ID (depending on a state’s laws), milk or baking soda to mix with water to alleviate the effects of tear gas - are better kept concealed and convenient. Save your hands for picket signs.

  • Never Stray from the Root of the Message at Hand

Whether you’re a British-Ghanaian musician always aiming to make social statements of your own, or simply another protestor in the masses, we’re all human; we’re all in this fight together. Be true to the protests, and fight for what’s right.

Other Helpful Protesting Attire Hints

  • Umbrellas can deflect or at least minimize the force of rubber bullets when opened towards the firing of an oppressor.

  • Construction Hard Hats also Provide Another Level of Safety.

  • Clear Goggles Protect Eyes from Tear Gas and more without Obstructing Sight.

  • Gloves are a Great Way to Protect Hands from the Effects of any Riot Controlling Techniques.

  • Traffic Cones can be Placed over Live Tear Gas Grenades to funnel their Range. Carefully Pouring Water Through the Hole at the Top can Extinguish them Altogether.