Chi Ilochi | April 15, 2021 

  • Plaid or Prada?

Kota has created  a new way to style the fashion staple “plaid shirt”, so much so you wonder “is this designer or thrifted?”

  • Letter to my ex, or was it my stylist?

Kota gracefully shows fashion professionals how it should be done, when styling a casual streetwear look.

  • 'I like to be comfy, you know chilling on the couch when it’s raining'

Kota makes those rainy, cool days look like New York Fashion Week with his adroit ability to make “comfy casual” high fashion.

  • It could all be so simple, if we allowed it

With lyricism that makes you feel seen, Kota makes sure to give you that same feeling with his white Ts and beanies. Kota’s use of “everyday” pieces makes fashion lovers feel like they can recreate his style for an affordable price.

  • “Chicago Diner, order what you want, aye”

Fellas, if you want to show your lady you know how to style the perfect brunch outfit, then Kota is who you should be looking to for inspiration. Kota shows you how to keep it casual and romantic with his unique color palette and layered pieces.

  • Grays, Growing Pains, Games We Play

How do I show I’m sad without making you feel the same? Kota has created an obscure way to show style lovers how to showcase the emotionality of grief in a beautiful light.

  • Some say I’m a poser, I say you’re just late to the party

Kota recreates and revamps streetwear in such an authentic way you have no choice but to hate. It’s incredible how Kota can recreate old styles and leave you wondering if they’re new.

  • All Black? No Problem

Believe it or not, most people struggle to style the color black. It is a color that leaves many overthinking, overanalyzing, and over doing. Kota makes styling the color Black look easy as 1-2-3 and simple as his holistic melodies.

  • Bodega Vibes

Kota The Friend pays homage to his hometown Brooklyn, New York with his multifaceted style.

  • Soft Colors, And An Even Softer Soul

“Created sonnets and poems Conveying to you what love is.” [The Love]. Kota has no fear when it comes to expressing his emotional side. A loving pen, to match the soft palettes draped on his skin.