Chi Ilochi | April 1, 2021 

  • Masters the Simplicity of Old School

We often see artists try to revamp the timeless styles of the past but tend to fall a bit short. Not Lucky Daye. Whether it’s the 70s or 80s, Lucky honors those eras with his simplistic style.

  • Even on his Bad Days, Lucky tells Another Story with Style

Lucky’s mood and style speak fluent poetry to one another. He can release a mellow R&B jam like ‘How Much Can A Heart Take; while orchestrating a style that sings his heart's calmest of tunes.

  • Streetwear, High Fashion, or Casual? You Pick

Lucky is far from predictable when it comes to personal style. Versatility is a normality from his baggy jeans to his button down sleeves.

  • Sensual, Sexual, Soulful. The three S’s

It’s common for artists like Lucky to receive the D’Angelo treatment because of their sex appeal, but he uses that to his advantage. Lucky creates looks that keep you wondering while leaving you satisfied. The perfect blend of sensual and soulful styling. 

  • Grunge And Refined: Sounds Like a Contradiction 

Everyone looks to Lucky Daye for inspiration when they’re trying to create a grunge yet refined look. Lucky has mastered the fusion of sleek streetwear with ease.

  • A Soft Heart, with a Softer Color Palette 

Lucky matches his soft poetry of love and loss with a style that pulls off the soft blues and creams of the rainbow. 

  • Color Theory, Color Palette. I Mean, What’s the Difference?

Lucky Daye is a man of many colors, so much so that it leaves you thinking you don’t know if you could pull that off. He has a confidence in his wardrobe that most spend their entire lives trying to find.

  • He Breaks the Stereotype that Real Men Don’t Show Emotion

From his music, to his style, to his stage presence, Lucky breaks the chains off expectations that society has put on men by creating fashions centered around feeling and emotion.

  • His Vocal Range is Synonymous with his Fluid Style

One of the best live performers with a smooth and silky voice, Lucky Daye exudes as much if not more smooth and silky vibes in what he wears.

  • He’s Capable of a Cinematic Experience | ‘Roll Some Mo’

What sets aside Lucky Daye’s video for hit single ‘Roll Some Mo’ is his ability to create feeling through the video’s styling.