Chi Ilochi | May 10, 2020 

  • It's Not Tacky if Mahalia Does It

Repeating a color throughout an outfit is one of the hardest things to do when styling. In fact, some would say it’s tacky, but Mahalia makes it look trendy.

  • Keen Ability to Make Anything High-Fashion

From the denim jackets, cheetah prints, or solid colored jumpsuits, Mahalia knows how to turn something into nothing, making it look high fashion every time.

  • TomBoy Chic

From the streetwear looks to the “tomboy steeze”, Mahalia has a gift of making a barbecue style look one for the magazines.

  • Her Chill is not Your Chill

When most people are relaxing, you see them in t-shirts, flip flops or cargo shorts, but not Mahalia. She can make a “chill-feel” look eye catching and fitting.

  • Comfy Queen

Styling cozy clothes isn't as easy as it looks, but somehow Mahalia manages to make a fleece tracksuit look like an outfit to go out in.

  • Borrows from Other Stylistic Cultures with Grace

Many struggle to recreate the style of other cultures without entering the gray area that is Cultural Appropriation. Mahalia manages to show homage while making any and every viewer yearn to know the origin of the look she created.

  • Rough Day, No Problem

While most of us find ourselves in gray sweats during a rough day, Mahalia manages to body the color wheel and express her feelings while still managing to catch eyes with her bright and subtle style.

  • Makes a Fanny-Pack Look Like Louis Vuitton

Accessorizing isn’t as easy as it seems, especially fanny packs, but somehow Mahalia manages to make it look like a must-cop.

  • The Old-School is Mahalia's Second Period Class

It’s one thing to study and admire the past, but it’s another to make it look like your own. There aren't many young queens bringing old-school back like Mahalia.

  • Dirty Sneakers, Still Clean

It’s safe to say that Mahalia’s style is elite, but one must admire her ability to make pieces that aren’t ideal look to die for. Dirty Sneakers? No Problem. Khaki Jumpsuits in 2020? Too Easy.