Evan Dale | June 13, 2021 

  • Hair.

Hair is more than self-expression, it can be a significant part of our identity, and Mereba embodies that notion with the same fervor and creativity that she does with her music.

  • Ready for any Weather

Or better yet, any situation - from a festival to a club - Mereba’s stylistic tendency towards the monochromatic yet eclectic is boldly executed.

  • Retrofuturistic

A tight button-up and a floral wrap can feel ready for the day doing anything instead of ready for a day spent gardening when pulled together right.

  • The Simple Things

With faded jeans and da black turtleneck, she’s able to transcend from the extravagant to the everyday without losing her sense of stylistic confidence.

  • The Little Things

Mereba’s ability to tie an entire look together with a well-curated collection of accessories speaks volumes to her understanding of the details.

  • The Best Accessory is a Useful One

Not to say that the average person should start lugging around a guitar they can’t play, but if you can play one like Mere, why not let it stylistically speak for itself.

  • Psychedelia

Mereba’s music often bleeds with an experimental nuance that ties it to both the soft psychedelic rock of the 70’s, and her fashion choices often follow suit.

  • Bold.

Calm and mediative at points, experimental and raw at others, Mereba’s fashion choices - like her music - is a look towards what’s possible when referencing the past in balance.

  • Classy Application of Vibrancy

Dress to eyeliner, Mereba utilizes vibrant and outstanding colors with a mastery of elegance and matching minimalism.

  • At Home with her Passions

Hand Mereba her bass, a colorful jumpsuit, and some sunshine, and no one has ever looked more ready for the same Springtime vibes that her music also soundtracks.