Evan Dale | Nov 8, 2020 

  • No One has a Better Understanding of their Color Palette

Omar Apollo is a man of many colors, and regardless of the seeming difficulty in pulling off the broad range that he does, every corer of the rainbow has a confident place in his wardrobe.

  • Masters the Power of the Subtle Accent

Whether it’s a pair of snakeskin boots or the emergence of a leopard collar like we see here, Omar Apollo knows the power that a statement piece can hold when paired with relatively downtempo attire.

  • His Mood is Seemingly Always Part of the Outfit

Omar Apollo wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether performing, in front of the camera, or exuding emotion in a music video, Omar Apollo’s many moods seem to embody his many styles.

  • Even at his Most Low-Key, Omar Apollo Looks Good

No matter the color of his hair on a given day or what it is he decides to don, Omar Apollo brings together an effective look, even at his most simple, stylistically grounded self.

  • Can Say ‘Fuck You’ to the Subtle & the Conventional

Sure, Omar Apollo can dress it down, but he dresses it up with unparalleled extravagance and successful risk-taking, leaving him in constant float between the hi-fi 90’s and the timelessly elegant.

  • His Live Performances are a Study Circle on Music and Fashion Intertwined

One of the most energetic, enigmatic, unique performers in the world, Omar Apollo exudes as much confidence, artistry, and swagger with what he wears as he does with his guitar and his mic.

  • He’s a Symbol of the Boundary-Breaking Youth

From his hair color, to his nails and makeup, to his affinity for skirts, suits, and everything in between, Omar Apollo is simply a symbol of fashion’s boundlessness, fluidly and successfully traveling any stylistic lane he wants.

  • ‘Apolonio’ is one of the Great Album Covers of our Time

Omar Apollo’s style transcends fashion and music, and goes well into the world of art. Just check out the cover artwork for his new project, Apolonio and be inspired by the vision it took to bring it to life.

  • Quickly Becoming a Global Sex Symbol

Everyone wants a piece of Omar Apollo. If you’ve ever seen him perform at a show or seen a video of one, you understand the hysteria his image and his music brings to his fan base. And why wouldn’t it? He’s the complete package.

  • Musically and with his Wardrobe, he Effortlessly Merges Stylistic Lanes

Omar Apollo is indefinable. As a musician, he blends the sounds of every corner of music into a modern defiance of genre. With his fashion sense, he does the same, pulling together outfits assembled piecemeal of inspirations to his liking.