Evan Dale | May 25, 2020 

  • Every Seat is a Throne when you’re a Qveen

A lot of her photoshoots and videos see Qveen Herby posted up on a seat, imparting her regality over those around her.

  • Has a Wardrobe Full of your Bougie Grandma’s Best

A lot Qveen Herby’s clothes look straight out of another century. But, with the right personality, they vintage can look more recycled and reinvented than anything.

  • Uses Album Artwork as an Experimental Exhibition of her Fashion Sense

Album artwork is pretty much always used a creative space to display something visual about a musical artist’s creativity, and with Qveen Herby, it’s pretty much always a fashion flex that gets people looking in the direction of her new EP’s.

  • Makes the Casual High-Fashion

Not everyone can afford the Gucci belt she’s wearing, but anyone can obtain just about everything else in this image. It’s all about finding the right basics - the right staples - and marrying them with a good fit and the right confidence.

  • Can Make Anything a Statement Piece

For Qveen Herby, matching is everything. And sometimes, she makes the most simplistic pieces standouts simply by downplaying the rest of her outfit (as much as she can).

  • Still has no Issue being Casual

Even though her casual and your casual may not be the same, she dresses it down with class and grace, without losing the ferocity we ll admire about her.

  • Understands how to Utilize Pops of Color

Qveen Herby has mastered the use of color in her fashion choices, finding the right balance between the colorful and the not to make whatever statements she wants with each and every outfit. 

  • Turns her Squad into a Living Costume Party

Watch any Qveen Herby music video, and see a display of girl power, driven by keen stylists that make everyone in the video a central figure of fashion. Strength in numbers for a Qveen and her cabinet.

  • Always on Brand

Hate her or love her, ever since she made the pretty brash stylistic change from Karmin to Qveen Herby, she’s managed to stay true to the vision and the sound.

  • Goes Dark like Nobody Else

Qveen Herby embraces her dark side - whether it be through her clothes, her makeup, or both, she makes light of any situation by removing the light altogether. Embrace that age-old adage - everyone looks their best in black.