Parsia Rezai | April 12, 2020 

  • Always Looks Like She's at a Music Festival

There is no better time to look like you're having the most fun you've ever had than when you're at a music festival, and Raveena has mastered the playful festival vibe, even when she's just being her casual self.

  • Magnifies Her Personality with Makeup

Where most people use a little makeup here and there to accentuate a feature or two, Raveena utilizes it to express her zany confidence and magnify her personality.

  • Paints Her Body Like a Canvas

Beyond just makeup, Raveena utilizes body paint to accentuate the psychedelic lane of her music and the hallucinogenic direction of her music videos, like 'Petal' pictured here.

  • Celebrates Her Roots in Unique Ways

Raveena is proud of her Indian roots, often discussing the influence Indian culture has had on her as an artist, using South Asian instruments in her music, and fusing traditional Indian clothes with her modern, funky style.

  • Always Looks Comfy

After color, the trait most notable about Raveena's style is that it simply looks comfortable and in combination with her laid-back demeanor, the comfortable look is a fitting one.

  • Clothes Like a Kaleidoscope

Raveena is all about self-confidence and self-expression, and she never fails to wear the brightest and most colorful clothes to do exactly that.

  • Glitter on Everything

From performing to photoshoots to seemingly her everyday life, Raveena is rarely without glitter.

  • Braids, Braids, Braids

Just like her makeup and her clothing choices, Raveena uses her hair to make a statement, too.

  • Always Goes with a Theme

Though it's usually a bright color palette and a crazy pattern, even when Raveena switches up her style, she's always doing so with the guiding hand of textural, colorful, and epochal themes that express her self in the moment.

  • Lives in Different Eras

The clothing of the 60's, 70's, and 80's seems to be particularly influential on her look.