April 5, 2020 

  • Fearlessly High-Fashion

Like many hip-hop artists today, SAINt JHN is a proponent of the high-fashion world. But unlike most, he was a model before his time in the spotlight for music began and is still one today. 

  • Built like an Action Figure

If you've ever seen SAINt JHN perform, it's obvious that his body and his insatiable energy during concert are intertwined. Eternally shirt off is an undeniable vibe (if you have the build to back it up).

  • Taste in Ignorant Leather

If SAINt JHN happens to be wearing anything on is torso, it's most likely a leather jacket. And not just any leather will do. The more studs, patches, 80's-reminiscent rock vibes & flame decals, the better.

  • Comfortable Being Casual

All the hyphy antics aside, SAINt JHN is a proponent of being laid-back and painfully comfy. Just check out his Christian Sex Club line of silk pants.

  • Wears (is) his own Brand

SAINt JHN's attachment to fashion is so strong that he is also the owner of his own brand, Christian Sex Club.

  • Knows No Stylistic Boundaries

Musically & Fashionably, SAINt JHN defies any sort preconceived boundary. He effortlessly floats across genre, color palette & pattern at will to create something never heard or seen before.

  • Affinity for Unique Patterns

Between what he buys & what he designs for Christian Sex Club, SAINt JHN's love for one-of-a-kind patterns is alive and well.

  • Never Without Ice

SAINt JHN - even for a rapper - has some of the most unique, hard-hitting jewelry in the game. And you'll never catch him without it.

  • Doesn't Take Himself Too Seriously

Musically, SAINt JHN is a dedicated artist, and the same can be said about his taste in fashion and his social media presence. Where the serious line is drawn is that he is doing it all unlike anyone to come before him. And to take all those risks requires a certain light-heartedness.

  • Unapologetically Himself

Even taking into consideration his unparalleled, wide-ranging talent and his model-worthy looks, the most notable style point to take from SAINt JHN is his confidence.