Evan Dale | May 3, 2020 

  • A Fearless Canvas of Exuberant Color

Smino has never adhered to the colorfully minimalist approach taken by so many other rappers and artists. Instead, he goes in the complete opposite direction.

  • A Unique Taste in Jelwery

Like any rapper at the top of the hip-hop game, Smino has some outrageous jewelry. But in many ways, he distances himself from the pack by wearing jewelry that most rappers aren’t taking a risk with.

  • Never Without a Pair of Outlandish Frames

Behind Air Force 1’s, Smino’s next staple piece seems to always be a pair of futuristic shades that act as ornamentation for the rest of his already zany outfits. 

  • Patterns, Graphics & Undeniable Confidence

Smino is an artist of outrageous creativity and confidence, and no matter what he’s wearing, it works if for no other reason than he says that it works.

  • Air Force 1’’s, Air Force 1’s, Air Force 1’s

‘I guarantee you my first pair of Air Forces were on my feet before I could even walk. Nelly’s song was just a response to the culture of the city. That’s why it hit so hard. ‘Let me get two pairs.’

  • Designs his own Pieces for his own Needs

With the release of his Zero Fatigue Crew hoodies, Smino included a satin-lined hood so it wouldn’t mess up his hair if he fell asleep in it.

  • Merges his Style with that of other Cultures

Smino’s style shifts and adjusts all the time. And a lot of that has to do with him embracing the stylistic nature of the places he goes to on tour. Those little additions become statement pieces in his wardrobe.

  • Embraces Timelessness of Hip-Hop Fashion

Smino has never given into trends. If anything, he exists in the trends established by the pillar eras of hip-hop where puffy jackets and gold chains were the only formula at the time.

  • Never Underestimates the Power of a Jersey

Though it’s usually a Cardinals jersey, Smino reps the cities he loves through a consistent jersey game. 

  • A Prominent Figure of Streetwear

Aside from his couple staples: Air Force 1’s & outrageous frames, Smino consistently dabbles in the graphic tees and nylon joggers made sacred by the streetwear community.